1990 Formation of Orient Group.
1991 Installation of jumbo production line for manufacturing of Sand Paper.
1995 Commissioning of Fiber Disc Production Unit.
2000 Commissioning of Hi-tech Electrostatic jumbo Production line to manufacture high end Coated Abrasive Products .
2002 Orient Group receives ISO9001:2000 Certification.
2004 Commissioning of Unit-4 to manufacture Flap Wheels and Mops.
2005 Installation of jumbo Cloth Processing Plant.
2007 Commissioning of new machine to Produce Thin Wheels (D.C. Wheels and Cut-off Wheels).
2012 Commence Production of Velcro based Products.
2013 Expansion of Fiber Disc Division to Double Capacity.
2014 Commissioning of Bonded Abrasives Division to manufacturer Resinoid Wheels from diameter 40mm to 500 mm.
2015 Commence Production of Flap Discs.

Our History